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AAA Monster HID Driving Light  [More Info]

HID driving lamp with internal ballast and patented mounting system.



Digital Fuel Mixture Display Kit  [More Info]

This brilliant dashboard mounting unit monitors and displays your carıs air-fuel ratio in real time on a three digit display and at the same time on the programmable 10-LED bargraph.



G-TECH Performance Meter/Pro  [More Info]

G-TECH/Pro is an electronic vehicle Performance Meter. It's designed to make a professional test driver out of anybody. It's a great inexpensive way to get performance and safety information about you car.



G-TECH Performance Meter/Pro RR  [More Info]

The GTECH Pro RR is a cutting edge tuning tool designed to measure every performance aspect of your car including; 1/4 mile times, rear wheel power, torque, handling G's and instant digital RPM readout.



Mixture Gauge  [More Info]

Many import engines run a rich mixture as standard, losing power and economy as a result. This mixture gauge gives a real time indication of the mixture of your car, using the output of the vehicles oxygen sensor.



Nissan - Factory radio adapter  [More Info]

Nissan 1997-2005 - Factory radio to aftermarket antenna. Use when replacing antenna or installing a band expander.



Pivot eDrive - Driving Monitor & Fuel Saver   [More Info]

Improve your driving and increase your fuel efficiency with e-Drive. Fuel-efficient driving doesn’t come from driving at a snail's pace; it comes from smooth acceleration and deceleration. But


Reversing/Parking Sensors - Flush mount  [More Info]

Reversing and Parking Sensor with Audible Indicator and Flush Mount Sensors as seen on expensive Euro model cars. Alerts the driver of a reversing/parking vehicle to the presence of obstacles (e.g. cars, children)



Soarer EMV Button Decals  [More Info]

Sick of trying to remember which Japanese labeled button is which? These English decals are made from a high quality thin plastic, and are pre cut to fit each button.



XGD Work Lamp 35W   [More Info]

Wide beam HID work lamp with internal ballast impact shield and patented mounting system.



Importdriver Polo Shirt  [More Info]

Drive an import? Get the shirt!

Embroidered with the Importdriver logo in white and gold on the left chest, and 'Imports Only' on the right sleave, it is pre-shrunk and machine washable.



20 Peice Soarer Wood,Carbon, Aluminium Kit  [More Info]

Soarer wood-grain kit that covers the cup-holder, gear-shift console, ashtray, audio console and side door switches.



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