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Eurocruise Kit - ML Memory/Limiter Switch

Price: $628.00

Eurocruise - Cruise control kit specially developed for the new generation of vehicles equipped with electronic throttles/Drive-by-wire (Electronic Accelerator Pedal). The E900ML uses a modern paddle shaped steering column stalk switch with 2 speed Memories and a speed limiter.

EuroCruise is 100% digital and requires no mechanical installation as with traditional cruise control kits. In our product development we have worked very closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure EuroCruise is customised for the individual brand, model and engine.

EuroCruise has a long list of advantages when compared with the traditional mechanical cruise control kits, offering the following features:

* No mechanical actuator or moving parts, so no mechanical wear.

* Easy to install, with a 50% reduction in installation time.

* No adjustment or tuning because EuroCruise is pre-programmed for the individual vehicle.

* EuroCruise is 100% adapted to the specifications of the vehicle to ensure the drivers will not sense when the cruise control takes over the control of the vehicle.

* Comprehensive Installation manuals, including clear diagrams, per vehicle brand, model and engine size.

The kit hardware is also customised by vehicle and contains all necessary parts for easy installation.

This kit allows a driver to bring a vehicle up to speed, push a button and maintain the selected speed without touching the accelerator. This allows more comfortable driving, reduces stress on the driver and minimise the risk of speeding tickets especially when towing a trailer or on long trips.

NOTE; Though full instructions are provided with each E-Cruise kit, we that recommend you have these kits fitted by your local auto electrician or mechanic.

"Fast postage, great communication, easy to install, works a treat" H. Maxwell, Townsville QLD

"Astounding product. Quality. All connectors matched vehicle perfectly. Get one" J. Hall, Mornington VIC

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